Au Naturel: The Natural State

There are basically two ways of looking at the world. One philosophy acknowledges mainly physical laws. Adherents to this philosophy look at a living thing and ask what physical, chemical or mechanical forces brought its organization about. Another philosophy views energy, or intelligence, as the hidden hand behind physical manifestations. Adherants to this philosophy do not discount physical laws, but they prefer to look at a living thing and ask what intelligent, organizing energy manifested what is now being observed physically.

These two philosophies, mechanism and vitalism, each have their benefits for use. Existing within this physical world we would be foolish not to avail ourselves of physical medicine, but by the same token we acknowledge an energetic and spiritual side to ourselves of which our physical, mental and emotional dimensions are a part. Nature is full of amazing and wonderful living medicines that augment and stimulate our own energetic intelligences to bring about health and order.

Every chemical reaction and physical process in the body, every interaction with others, every seemingly exclusive physical process anywhere, is on its most fundamental level, an energetic interaction. When it comes to bodily processes we have become accustomed to thinking of metabolic pathways, ion channels and chemical reactions, but as we descend deeper than the molecular level we enter the atomic and sub-atomic levels where energetic bonds are broken and formed, where energetic levels are raised and lowered - where every interaction, that on the molecular level is perceived of as a chemical or physical interaction, is in actuality an energetic one.

And yet, on such a focused and specific level, where each energetic interaction, every bond and every excitation of energy, seems incomprehensible in the larger picture, yet in the mass of all these countless interactions, as is the case with the order and intelligent, purposeful oneness of the universe, the larger intelligent purposes of homeostasis, self-organization, self-preservation, instinct, physical sustenance, mental and spiritual reasoning and other purposeful qualities of life are accomplished. Nutrients are moved where they are needed, immune responses are mounted where appropriate, metabolic end-products are removed and many other efficient and necessary processes are accomplished in the miraculous plethora of energies man perceives of only as the physical body. And what is directing all of this intelligent interaction? The energies themselves. They are intelligent and self-organizing, manifesting themselves in the material realm. These intelligent energies are the very essence of an intricate multitude we call 'nature.'

A mechanist might however attribute these miraculous operations to genetic programming. Genes, in this outlook, determine the fate, direction and programming of processes in the body. We are viewed as nothing more than genetic code handed down, mutated to the population's benefit from generation to generation. The vitalist however, recognizes genes and genetic sequences as matter. Chromosomes and DNA strands are matter. And since they are matter, they do as all matter does - they follow energy. They are not the code. They are the physical manifestation of the real code; the underlying energetic intelligence, so that the codifying combination of energy and matter in living systems could more accurately be termed the field of energenetics.

Medical science often sees disease as pathogens either present or absent in the body, with absence defining the cure. But from an energetic standpoint, a diseased state is cured only inasmuch as the underlying energy of disease is perfectly counterbalanced and re-ordered; only thus is it no longer in a state of dis-ease. All of the greatest healers in history have been those that have utilized this particular concept in their methods of alleviating physical disease. Healing is nothing more than the balancing and ordering of energies. Bacteria, viruses, fungi; each are only the physical manifestation of unique, singular energetic patterns, and when introduced to intelligent systems present to that system a new code to be cracked - to be balanced and thus cured. Healing cure is the neutralization of disturbing patterns of energy. The original energy of the disease and it's balancing counterpart, once introduced, is always present, though may not always remain in balance; the offending energy held in check by the vital, intelligent forces of the individual. This is the memory of energetic organization.

Likewise, 'genetic' diseased conditions are not 'genetic.' They are energetic. Energy produces matter in the form of genes which mimic underlying energetic patterns. Genetic code is a material reflection of underlying energetic patterns and a narrow subdivision of total inherited memories. Here is made evident therefore the two diverging philosophies with regard to the phenomena of life: 'mechanism' is the theory that the phenomena of life are predicated upon the identical physical and chemical laws operating in the inorganic world, whereas 'vitalism,' holds that biological actions are due to a vital energy or principle distinct from physical or chemical forces.

The mechanist says that human beings are nothing more than highly sophisticated machines; a product of innumerable chemical reactions and physical properties. A mechanistic physician approaches his patient in much the same way as a mechanic approaches a malfunctioning automobile; to remove or replace malfunctioning parts and administer reactants for alternate chemical reactions. Though useful sometimes in moments of crisis, such an approach exclusively employed underestimates the miraculous natural capacity of the body to heal when exposed to the appropriate living, ordering, energetic influences of nature, all of which have these qualities because they stem from the ultimate ordering influence of the Source of all Life.

A vitalistic physician recognizes the parts of man or woman that are beyond the physical; the parts that have thoughts, emotions, feelings, reason, intelligence, will, and choice. This physician respects the miraculous complexity of mental, emotional and physical and recognizes that the physical body is affected both positively and negatively by the health and state of what is classified as mental, emotional and spiritual. He or she knows that mental, emotional, spiritual and physical are in fact one; varying expressions of the same thing, and cannot be separated.

Naturopathic medical doctors recognize that disturbance can manifest in each of these dimensions and therefore, in addition to being fully trained to treat with conventional medical techniques, also employ a wide range of powerful, natural and living modalities that work with the body to stimulate health.

Naturopathic medical doctors treat disease and restore health using natural medicines first. Naturopathic medical doctors are primary care physicians, licensed to integrate conventional and traditional medicines in ways that facilitate the innate healing capacity of the body. Conventional modalities include: pharmaceuticals, minor surgery and primary care diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Traditional modalities include: acupuncture, oriental medicine, botanical medicine, physical manipulation, nutrition, chelation, homeopathy and mind-body medicine. Naturopathic medicine recognizes that biological processes flow from a vital life force that transcends physical and chemical forces. Treatment is rendered with the understanding that people are far more than complex physical machines.

                                                           — Dr. David W. Cramer.

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